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                                    WHITE FUSED ALUMINA(WA)
                                    Its main raw material is abayer alumina,which is electrically fused in high temperature.It is white and its hardness is higher,but toughness lower than that of brown fused alumina.The abrasive tools made of it are suitable for the grinding of high carbon steel and chilled steel.It can also be usedd as polishing materials and precision founding sand,spraying and coating materials,catalyst carrier,special ceramics and super refractory materials.
                                    Property:IT is white and hard and more brittle than A.It features strong cutting force and steady chemical property and excellent insulation.
                                    Usage:It can be used for making bonded and coated abrasive tools,wet or dry blasting.It is also sutable for super precision grinding and polishing of crystal and electronic industry and making high quality refractory materials.It can be adopted for the grinding of the hard and strong bending stength materials such as chilled steel,alloy steel,high-speed steel and high carbon steel.Meanwhile,it can be used as catalyse carrier,insulator and presicion founding sand,etc.

                                    化學成分 Chemical composition 粒度范圍 Grit size range AI2O3(%) Na2O(%)
                                    F12~F80 ≥98.5 ≤0.50
                                    F90~F150 ≥98.5 ≤0.60
                                    F180~F220 ≥98.2 ≤0.70

                                    基本礦物Basic minerals 晶體尺寸Crystal size μm 真比量True density g/cm3 堆積密度Bulk density g/cm3 顯微硬度Knoop hardness g/mm2
                                    α— AI2O3 600~1400 ≥3.90 1.5~1.95 2200~2300

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